Gottegrisar LLC is a company that focuses on importing a unique qualitative variety of Swedish candy, bulk candy.

There is a magnitude of actors in the candy/sweets market. But few have addressed the market of mixed candy sold by weight (bulk candy). The mission is to sell candy at everyone’s unique taste and mix. The key factors for success are uniqueness of taste, quality, price and sales format. Gottegrisar’s goal is to be a serious actor in the candy market and to develop the concept into a nationwide brand with possibility for franchise or a joint venture of any kind.

Sweden and swedishness has a positive reputation abroad with predecessors like IKEA, H&M, Spotify, musicians/ artists, etc. Gottegrisar wants to continue contributing to that good reputation. The business philosophy is to exceed every customer’s and business partners expectations. Furthermore we want to be perceived as honest and transparent at the same time as unexpected, friendly and a as rebellious creative. There seems to be a lack of interest of import by the Swedish candy wholesaler. Gottegrisar wants to ”“own” the import market. The goal is to be a serious actor on the candy market and to provide a unique commercial concept that is aimed for the international market. The concept will meet the end consumer as company owned or as a franchise.

Our customers are of different character depending on which part of our business they meet.

• Wholesalers and franchisees – retailers with end consumers as customers
• Candy development and production – wholesalers
• Company owned stores – end consumers

The candy industry can be perceived as a mature market, but the packaging and the new range will rather expand the market than cannibalize on the current market. There is no foreseeable end of the potential.

In conclusion, Gottegrisar’s strengths and core competences are; the unique range, the format (bulk candy), the packaging, sales channel and the business competence of key persons.